Vera Controller

Here are some instructions that should help you get our BeSense Sensors  to work with VERA Hub.



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Inclusion and setup process:

  1. Include as a generic device
  2. Push the device button on the device 3 times within 1.5s
  3. Device will be detected per the Vera and added. Give it a name and room.
  4. Wake the sensor again once it stops flashing by pushing the device button again 3x within 1.5s
  5. The device is now configured
  6. Go to the UI ( ) , 2 new devices will show: The zwave device shows as a motion sensor. A child device shows as a Zwave icon.
  7. Use the child device for all your automation
  8. Go in the device menu, select advanced, change category_num to 4 and subcategory_num to 3 and change both the json and the xml line to D_MotionSensorWithTamper1.json and D_MotionSensor1.xml respectively.
  9. Reload the luup engine by Settings -> Z-Wave Settings -> “Advanced tab” -> Reload engine



Turn Off status LED (Only Ceiling IX32 sensor) :

led status Vera

Red status LED ON/OFF


  1. Go to the UI ( ) , Select your Ceiling Motion Sensor
  2. Go to Device Options>> Add configuration setting
  3. Change Variable to 5, Data Size to 1 Byte Hex and Desired Value to 1 (status LED ON) / Desired Value to 0 (status LED OFF)
  4. Press Save changes
  5. Double click on tamper switch to save the changes



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